Life Cycle Events


Rabbi Alpert works with families to mark appropriately each stage in the cycle of a person’s Jewish life. We begin with the joy of a newborn. Rabbi Alpert can find families a mohel or mohelet (ritual circumciser) who is a doctor and who understands the needs of congregants in a Reform community. The Rabbi can help families craft meaningful naming ceremonies for both boys and girls, which can take place either at the Temple or at their homes.

When a boy or girl is at least 13, he or she may be called to the Torah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah (one who accepts the obligations of Judaism). Our Religious School prepares students in Judaica and Hebrew, and Rabbi Alpert works with students and families to make this day a meaningful one. We are committed to finding a place for all in our community, and every young person, regardless of ability or disability, is capable of celebrating this milestone of Jewish life.

One of the great joys of Jewish life is the wedding celebration. Rabbi Alpert officiates at both different gender and same gender wedding ceremonies.

We are all mortal, and eventually we will have to confront our mortality and those of our loved ones. Judaism has a set of traditions and customs that can help families in these difficult times. Rabbi Alpert will teach families while working with them when death occurs. Our community comes together through our Service of the Heart to make sure that those facing a loss will have support at these difficult times.

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