Inspiring minds while shaping the future…

Learning and asking questions is a major part of Judaism. Here at Temple Etz Chaim, we believe education is the strongest way to connect intellectually, spiritually, and most importantly, with each other.

STEAM Hanukkah

Songs, teams, windows and lights and of course, latkes and sufganiyot, marked our Hanukkah School Celebration this year. Our activities brought STEAM full force into our school. Hanukkah songs at the beginning of the morning set a festive atmosphere. In teams, the students worked cooperatively, designing and building the tallest Hanukkiah with the same set of materials in each group. When completed, each Hanukkiah was measured and photographed and the winning team members given a prize. 

From there, students went to one of two activities: The back length of sliding glass doors became a palette for “stain glass” panels that depicted the Hanukkah story. On the opposite side of the room, children were focused on creating LED Hanukkiot from copper tape, mini-lights and batteries that really lit up.

Finally, we were ready for our Hanukkah treats! Such a fun way to go into the holiday!