Building Update


Dear Temple Etz Chaim community,

We are pleased to share with you updates on the new Temple Building.  One comes from Mike Rubin, the chair of the Kadima Fund (our building capital campaign).  Mike also shares a video for you to watch.  Together, these explain what has been taking place with fundraising, where we are in the permitting process, and how you can donate to the Kadima Fund.

In particular, the Temple community was invited to an all-Temple Zoom Q & A session on the Kadima Fund and building progress. This meeting took place on Wednesday, March 9.

The second update comes from Lee Rich and Michelle Rubin, co-chairs of the Design Committee.  This invites everyone to a meeting to share with the Design Committee the “positive elements and feelings they want to put into their new home.”

The Temple community was invited to an all-Temple meeting with the Design Committee to share the feeling they want to get from our new building.  This meeting took place on Thursday, Feb. 24.

In last week’s Torah portion, God told the Israelites, “Make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among” you.  Here at the Temple, our goal is to create a building that the community feels connected with, both in having supported it financially and in having it reflect what makes Temple Etz Chaim a special place.  If we do that, we will indeed make the sanctuary that the Torah commands of us.


Andrew Rubenstein

Rabbi Tom Alpert


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